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Veterinary Chiropractic

The Chiropractic Adjustment:
The specific tool of the veterinary chiropractic practitioner

The chiropractic adjustment is a short, fast thrust along the plane of the vertebral or limb joints. The joints needing an adjustment, ones showing mobility faults, are selected after testing the range of motion of the spinal joints – each joint normally moves in a certain known way according to its structure.

The adjustment thrust is then made to overcome the mobility fault or movement restriction. It improves the mobility of the joints, that have been incorrectly left tight after injury, or because nerve messages to or from the muscles have been distorted by subtle pressure on the nerves as they come out of the spine. In doing so it frees the spinal nerves from pressure. It also reduces abnormal tension on the Dura or spinal cord casing, something that can distort the spinal cord.

The reduced pressure and tension enables the passage of clear signals to and from the brain and muscles and joints. During the adjustment all of the tiny gauges in the muscles and joints around the treated vertebrae are stimulated. This bombards the brain with new information and allows the brain to re-assess the way it has been programming the muscles around this spinal unit. 

It’s as if the old protective computer program for these joints and muscles, which has been running since there was some joint injury, is suddenly exposed and the computer (brain) has an opportunity to reinstitute the correct program for the spinal unit.